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What is Moles & Skin Tag?

We specialize in removing benign growths including moles and skin tags. These benign growths can be treated quickly and safely. Dr. Mala Roy will assess the lesion and offer a removal method to help minimize any risk of scarring. You can now get your mole removed and get regular skin by undergoing mole removal surgery at Enhance Clinics. Moles are dark, black spots or irregularities found on your skin. They are of various sizes and shapes and can be found anywhere on your body and facial area. Mole removal is a cosmetic surgery procedure wherein a mole is removed either by operating or by using a laser.

Treatments Price

Zoom Light Activatd System

$70 - $85

Beyond Light Activated System

$110 - $135

Opalescence boost chemically activated system

$75 - $90


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